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Highway Toll System

Highway Toll System

Highway Toll System

At present, industrial computers are widely applied in toll system for intelligent operation. How well the toll system work depends on how well computers and auxiliary units work. The toll system uses advanced technologies of computing, network, automation, video playback, automatic record retention and optical fiber transmission to realize the intelligent control and real-time surveillance of toll collection. 

Expressway toll system requires uninterrupted and persistent operation in harsh outdoor environment exposed to extreme temperatures, humidity, dirt and vibration. Commercial computers, however, cannot adapt to such conditions. Toll system uses industrial computers for system control, plus the use of damp-proof, dustproof and anti-electromagnetic chassis, more durable and vibration-proof motherboard, industrial class multiport serial cards and management modules, so as to achieve stable, reliable and longtime operation of the whole system. 

anewtech highway toll system - 4u chassis - 4u server
The whole toll system is compose of two computer management systems: toll stations and toll collection lanes. The toll station performs data transmission with toll lanes through an optical fiber transmission system via industrial Ethernet switch. Toll lanes collect toll charges from vehicles according to the requirements of the toll collection center and upload toll and traffic data. 4U server as toll management computer and the main control unit of toll machines. 

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