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Smart Transportation Solution - Railway System

Smart Transportation Solution - Railway System

Public Transportation Application


Public transportation system includes taxi, bus, truck, and railway. IEI offers the IRS Series for public transport, especially for rolling stock application. The IRS Series is compliant with EN50155 standard and equipped with M12 connectors to enhance shock and vibration resistance for public transit operation. The IRS Series combines passenger information system (PIS), network video recorder (NVR) for surveillance and data transmission for remote control into one powerful, integrated system.

Automatic Fare Collection Application

Automatic Fare Collection Application

Automatic Fare Collection System (AFC) for public transport consists of ticket vending machines and automatic gate machines. In this application, IEI offers the TANK-600 series which has multiple COM ports for connecting between data terminal equipment and data communication equipment. The TANK-600 series can fulfill user’s demand to connect a large number of ticket vending machines and gate machines, giving customers a whole new experience of AFC.

IEI railway system (IRS) series is compliant with the EN 50155 standard and meets the requirements for railway environments. The IRS-100 has multi-function capability, making it not only a surveillance system but also an entertainment system, such as control unit, passenger information system (PIS) and network video recorder (NVR). Among these technologies, using IP cameras for surveillance application is getting popular.

• High-performance CPU with
  Intel® Core™ processor
• Fanless design for rolling stock
  products and supports hot-swappable
  SATA SSD module
• Operation reliability and maintainability
• Real-time network communication for
  train drivers and control center
• Special design for tough environment
  and wide operation temperature range
• Fully compliant with EN50155 certificate
  for rolling stock products
Control Room
Oring PoE Switch
• Connection (LTE, 3G, wireless)
• Real-time railway information
  monitoring & recording
• Ruggedized dual M12 LAN
  port and dual SIM card design
• 24V DC / 110V DC
• Compliant with EN50155-T3
• M12 connectors to guarantee
  reliable operation
• Leading EN50155-compliant 
  Ethernet switch
• Wall mounting enabled
IRS Solution
• Robust IP65 aluminum
  front bezel
• Aesthetic ultra-thin for panel
  mount installation
• Wide temperature support
• Triple HDMI for
  multiple displays
• Two full-size PCIe Mini
  for expansion
• High resolution display
• Fanless system with Intel®
  Celeron® N3160 processor
• Full-size PCIe Mini
  for expansion
• Dual display

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