Tunnel Monitoring

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Tunnel Monitoring

Tunnel Monitoring

Tunnels are extremely challenging environments to implement traffic surveillance backbone network due to physical natures of tunnels, network deployment in tunnels is subject to limited space, bad air and environmental conditions, high humidity, and dangerous ground movements (in case of a natural or manmade disaster). Additionally, whenever an unusual event happens inside the tunnel, unprecedented reliability of the backbone information infrastructure would be critical to compensate for increased difficulty and response time of getting in and out of the tunnel and reaching the event location -- without sacrificing any bit of network bandwidth. Thus backbone information network for the tunnel must be even more robust and fail-proof than that for conventional roadways.

The DIN-rail  O-IGPS-9084GP, with PoE+ P.S.E. capability (up to 30W per Ethernet port), and optical fiber support can directly power up and serve sensors, traffic information display system, and high-definition IP cameras without additional power lines. O-IGPS-9084GP supports 2 redundant power inputs, allows the use of a backup power source should the main power source fail.

The flagship Thunder-PoE O-IGPS-9084GP has swift recovery time of 30 ms along with Device Binding for active anti-hacker protection and active device health maintenance. With Google Map topology display feature, network management software utility  is capable of displaying the natural geographic network topology right over the Google Map!

For reliable long-distance communication with immunity to electromagnetic interferences, optical fiber is the choice for network links inside the tunnel. A mechanism for the optical signal to bypass a failed switch (due to total power failure) would be critical and possibly even be life-saving. Optical bypass switch, O-IBS-102FX routes optical signals in and out of its associated Ethernet switch transparently. When total power failure occurs, its internal circuit physically reroutes the optical ports, so the optical I/O signals would bypass the failed switch altogether, preventing network deadlock.

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