Smart Energy Control System for IIoT

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Now, thanks to scientists and technologists, the frontiers of operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) knowledge has been pushed back every day. Always at the spotlight of the IoT community, Axiomtek has become very skilled at harnessing the IoT technology in integrating OT and IT, especially in the industrial environment, i.e. IIoT where Axiomtek has helped expedite data gathering, reporting, and regulatory compliance among components over the IIoT; enabling cost reduction, energy saving and maintenance prediction by utilizing big data and analytics over the IIoT to provide new insights to drive better commercial decisions; and facilitating quick actions to improve response to demand spikes by offering visualized data over the IIoT for alert notification.
Smart Energy Control System for IIoT

Axiomtek Boasting at the Frontier of IIoT

Smart Energy Control System for IIoT

Edge Computing for Smart Energy

Proudly, Axiomtek’s rBOX and ICO series can be installed as a power nod or gateway, securely utilizing sensors and meters, leveraging digital controls and analytics, better monitoring and managing the flow of energy and information. For smart grid, smart solar and smart wind situated upon disturbed points and centralized management, Such series products can constitute an intelligent gateway, empowering edge computing solutions with a large data storage and flexible design, thus ensuring to fulfill various applications on each end user side, at the periphery of the network, or as close to the originating source as possible

Intelligent Communication Gateway

Adding values to the communication among connected nodes, Axiomtek’s rBOX and ICO series plays a significant role as an I/O communication gateway, utilizing its own propriety software AXView to bridge nodes over the IIoT more efficiently and effectively by facilitating data transfer from edge devices to remote servers. Axiomtek’s intelligent gateway can communicate up to network and software management level, and down to sensors and meters - via I/O communication protocols such as Fieldbus, Modbus, Profibus, etc. over WLAN and WWAN networking - hence enhancing the machine-to-machine communication, driving operational performance and reducing cost and time for many energy sectors such as natural energy, electrical grid, oil and gas. With Axiomtek’s intelligent communication gateway, the way connected nodes interact with each other has further reflexed and realized what the IoT was envisioned to do – the integration of the physical world and the digital word, i.e. cyber- physical integration.

Remote Monitoring at Gateway and on Cloud

Finally, remote monitoring and, more importantly, remote access have allowed machine builders to reduce costs from day one throughout the entire machine deployment – thanks to the offsite problem debugging, software updates, device maintenance, user-profile creation, and more. In this regard, Axiomtek has worked with prominent industrial leaders, such as Microsoft and Intel, building up numerous remote monitoring and management systems in smart energy, roadside service, electrical vehicle charging station, among other applications.

Cost-Effective Integrated Gateway Solution

In conclusion, Axiomtek’s industrial gateway ICO100-839 , ICO300 , ICO300-83B and rBOX510 , rBOX500 series featuring low power consumption Intel® Atom processor and robust edge computing power have been particularly ideal to be deployed as a smart IIoT gateway discussed above. Furthermore, the design of rich I/O communication, wireless connectivity, flexible expansion, and software remote monitoring are comprehensively providing customers a friendly, cost-effective and reliable solution, helping energy organizations optimize device performance, ensure uptime of assets, reduce outages and costs (especially business operation and maintenance costs), and enable businesses and consumers to better manage their own energy usage to meet their individual needs


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