Public Transportation Mobile Network

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Public Transportation Mobile Network

Public Transportation Mobile Network

The overall goal of transportation providers is to make mass transit the first choice for everyone’s transportation. The most important factor is the rider experience, which is a combination of convenience, information systems like bus arrival apps, and reliable transit times. One of the best ways to increase ridership is by improving rider experience. And one of the best ways to improve rider experience is by providing wireless communications onboard. 

Transit operators can create a wireless communications hub for vehicle systems and riders using the Digi TransPort® WR44 R. This versatile, rugged, enterprise class router is designed specifically for public transportation applications. Four features contribute to enhancing passenger experience: 
- Wi-Fi hotspot to serve passengers with content filtered internet access for laptops and tablets. A click-through splash page can be configured to build the transit agency’s brand and ensure acknowledgment of terms of use.
- Ethernet ports provide a priority datalink for onboard computers, displays and sensors.
- Vehicle interfaces to connect to legacy serial devices.
- Device Manager enables remote management of devices from anywhere to keep applications and devices up and running.
With a solid infrastructure in place using the Digi TransPort WR44 R, transit operators can improve passenger experience, not to mention fleet efficiencies and full vehicle system connectivity. 

Key Products: Digi TransPort® WR44 R 
- Enterprise class routers with advanced dynamic routing, VPN, firewall and Wi-Fi features
- High-speed cellular interfaces: 2G/3G/4G - LTE, Gobi, GSM GPRS/EDGE/HSPA+, and CDMA 1xRTT, EV-DO
- Flexible interfaces: serial, GPS, USB, telemetry (I/O)
- Rugged models for transportation and trains
- Manage Digi TransPort devices with Device Manager

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