CNC Machine

Thứ tư - 27/06/2018 05:23
Today, CNC (computer numerical control) machines are found almost everywhere, from small job shops to large manufacturing firms. The CNC machine is an automatic, accurate, and consistent motion control mechanism. With CNC machines, the consistency and quality have been achieved and the frequency of errors are reduced. CNC automation also enhances the flexibility of the manufacturing process and saves time from changing the machine while producing different components.
CNC Machine

Our Solution

The CNC adopts an embedded computer platform as a control server to run software, download complex CNC programs and do calculations. To support such a high performance and multi-tasking machine, an embedded system with expansion capability, fanless operation, powerful functions, good performance, small size, and high integration is the best choice. Axiomtek's eBOX embedded systems incorporate ample I/O interface for connection to a variety of devices such as printers, CD/DVD drives for data backup, and network connections for internet access and file transfer. Such a machine can save cost, shorten production time, and increase quality rate.

An easy hole-drilling job can be an example to show you the embedded system playing a key role in a CNC controller. Before the manufacturing moves into CNC stage, even drilling a hole is a troublesome matter, for everything must be done manually, including installing a proper drill, tightening the drill chuck, selecting rotation speed, pulling on/off the level to drill a hole, etc. All th ese jobs need experienced users. Now, a CNC machine makes everything much easier. Users can use CNC software to execute complicated commands, and CNC controller will transfer signals through multi-axis motion control card to control motor. The motor can adjust the x-axis, y-axis and z-axis of cutter or drill, to drill a hole or cut material automatically. Some type of CNC machine can select and change drill or cutter automatically by CNC controller.

Customer Requirements

  • Must be ruggedized to ensure safety and stability
  • As small as possible to fit into CNC machine
  • Fanless system to prevent from dust or vibration
  • Supports 1 or 2 PCI expansion slots for motion cards
  • Supports panel or touch panel

Our Solutions:

  • Fanless Operation
  • Expansion Capability
  • Compact-size
  • Low Power Consumption
  • High Performance
  • Rich I/O Interface

Recommended Products

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Fanless Embedded System with Intel® Celeron® Processor J1900 2.0 GHz, VGA/HDMI, 6 COM, 2 PCI/PCIe slots and 16~28VDC Input

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Fanless Embedded System with Intel® Atom™ Processor D2550 1.86 GHz, 1 LPT and 2 PCI slots

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Rugged IP67-rated Fanless Embedded System with Intel® Atom™ Processor E3845 1.91 GHz, VGA, 2 GbE LANs, 2 USB, 2 COM and 9-36 VDC

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