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Axiomtek is one of the major design and manufacturing companies in the Industrial Computer & Embedded field
Advantech, with its Trusted ePlatform Services, provides solutions in the e-world computing and web-based automation fields

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Đăng ngày 08-09-2011 05:13:27 PM - 2591 Lượt xem

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I A P- 6 7 0 1 N -WA+ i s a re l i a b l e I P- 6 7 o u td o o r I E E E 8 0 2 . 1 1 a WL A N Access Point with 1 PoE P.D. Ethernet port. It can be configured to operate in AP/Bridge/Repeater/AP-Client/Client mode. It is specifically designed f o r t h e t o u g h e s t i n d u s t r i a l e n v i ro n m e n t s. I n c o m b i n a t i o n w i t h i t s I P-67 design and the superb management functionality. IAP-6701N-WA+ provide a waterproof, and dust-tight connection. And IAP-6701N-WA+ provide one N-type connector, that can install any N-type antenna to extend communication distance. You are able to configure IAP-6701N-WA+ by WEB interface via LAN port or WLAN interface. In addition, IAP-6701NWA+ also provides P.D. feature which is fully compliant with IEEE802.3af PoE P.D. specification to save the layout cost of power line. The IAP-6701NWA+ can be easily adopted in almost all kinds of applications and provides the most rugged solutions for managing your network in outdoor. Therefore, IAP-6701N-WA+ is one of the best outdoor communication solutions for wireless applications

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Chia sẻ :
Đặt hàng :   Đặt hàng
  • WLAN interface supports up to 54Mbps link speed
  • Various kinds of operation modes supported : AP/Bridge/Repeater/ AP-Client/Client mode
  • Various kinds of encryption supported : WEP/WPA/WPA-PSK(TKIP,AES) /WPA2/ WPA2-PSK(TKIP,AES)/802.1X Authentication
  • Supports X-Roaming < 100 ms
  • Supports wireless load balance
  • Supports external N-type antenna install
  • Wireless connecting status monitoring
  • Versatile modes & event alarm by e-mail
  • HTTPs & SSH protocol supported for secured management
  • IP table to prevent access from unauthorized IP address
  • Event Warning by Syslog, Email, SNMP Trap
  • IP Configurable by Windows utility (AP-Tool)

Số ký tự được gõ là 250

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IEI, the industrial computer provider focus on industrial boards, display, embedded system, digital signage, medical solution, pos, networking platforms.

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